My Book of Poems

Cover design by Angela Harris
Photography by Averil Dean

In the Forest, Falling is my recently self-published e-book containing thirty-eight poems that I’ve worked on mostly during the last two years. I’ve fine-tuned them in the last few months–editing words, lines, and intention–in order to create something not only true to my vision, but worthwhile for those who give this collection a chance to speak to them, too.

Here’s what I wrote to describe it on book sites: “These poems are snapshots of hope, anger, romance, fear, survival—life on earth and the varying temperatures of that space between wondering and being sure. “My Pink Ribbon” and “Maps” encourage, “Barefoot, Faster, Wiser” sets one woman’s record straight, “No Lie—Men’s Jeans Circa 2011” rants with a smile, and “Sparks” ponders the push and pull of attraction through the hyperaware lens of a dream.”

It’s hard for me to call myself a poet, not because I think it isn’t true, but because the thought of myself that way hadn’t crossed my mind before last year when a friend suggested that I was unknowingly presenting poems as little stories. Because of his kindness, I’m now more aware of what I’m trying to say and how it wants to be shown.

In the Forest, Falling feels like the beginning of a journey. I’ll continue it here on the home page with occasional posts as they come to mind. Thanks for visiting.

Click ‘home’ in the top menu or here to read two poems from the book and other posts as they come. 


2 thoughts on “My Book of Poems

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve visited your blog, Re. Too long 😭. Congratulations on the book!!! I look forward to reimmersing myself In your poetry. Hope you are well. – Lisa

    • Hi Coco! It’s extremely rare that anyone reaches out to me here, so it’s nice to hear from you. I’m writing on Medium now. People talk to me there the way they used to on WordPress. I publish there, and link stories on Twitter, when I remember :) . You’re such a good writer; are you on Medium yet? Let me know if you are so we can follow each other.

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